Industries We Service

Advance-Tec has worked with a number of specialised industries over the years that involve some unique skills and machinery.


Advance-Tec has been working with a leading industry producer of water modules using recycled materials and automated off loading.  This experience allows us to be experienced in many heavy walled applications,  plus the need for repeatability and cost effectiveness.


We have been moulding precision seals and covers for the mining industry for many years.  These parts experience high wear and need to be quite precise to allow accurate working of the conveyors they are used in.   Quality batch measurement and control is a standard feature of the moulding of these parts.

Shoe Making

Advance –Tec is one of the few manufacturers still producing a full range of heels and components for the shoe manufacturing industries and shoe – repairers.  This involves precision injection moulding – including pin insertion,  rotary spraying and pad printing of veneered heels.   We have over 500 heel dies to choose from and keep a wide range of heels in stock.  For more information please see our shoemate website

Blind Components

Advance-Tec has a full range of standard vertical blind and some venetian blind components,  rollers, drums , link chain, blindweights (63,89,100, 127mm) plus louvre hangers and other components.   Ask for a full catalogue.  We also actively develop new blind components and tools using our rapid prototype and tooling facilities with our industry partners.


Advance –Tec is currently working with a few major partners moulding a small range of medical trays and containers.  We have full clean room facilities and can manufacture your products to the strictest requirements.

Custom Part Manufacture

A large volume of our work is custom moulding – once you accept our quote – your tool gets looked after by us and we undertake to make any products to your requirements .