3 - Rapid Prototyping

One of Advance-Tec’s greatest strength is our ability to create rapid prototypes of any new idea or part – to enable fitment testing, operation and just finished form to be checked either just visually or mechanically.  Colour and size can certainly also be evaluated and all up this can be a very quick way to see if the product will meet requirements that are envisaged.  In fact depending on the part – from concept to physical reality may be achieved in only a few days in representative material.

The range of Prototyping options available are listed below.  Our personnel will discuss with you the best prototype options for your product.

3D Printed Models

  • An amazing new process that works by jetting state of the art photopolymer materials in ultra-thin layers of 16-30 microns onto a build tray layer by layer until the part is complete.
  • Advantages are – fast lead time, Very high accuracy, variety of materials available and smooth and durable surfaces.  Polypropylene, ABS and silicone Analogues are available.
  • Ability to produce parts with more than one material,
  • Emulating over-moulding and  live hinges.
  • Smooth and Durable surfaces.

CNC  Milling

  • Make a full production part out of representative materials.  This method takes a block of the material to be used in production and provided the geometry is not too complex – can create the full part straight from the cad itself.